…for African Americans

…for Colonizer-Descendants

...for Law Enforcement

…for Priest/Medical/Mental Health Practitioners

Ubuntu’s de-colonize / re-Africanize thinking program is dedicated to assisting people, African Americans / people of color, colonizer-descendants, law enforcement, & priest/medical/mental health practitioners recover from the colonized thinking this patriarchal society teaches in schools, churches, & media which induces everybody to support the system of racism/white supremacy.  Life began in Africa some 200,000 years ago & all peoples evolved from Africans & lived Africa’s matriarchal culture of peace, until forced to adopt the patriarchal culture of domination & control, whites around 45,000 years ago when Africans trapped in frigid Europe became violent to survive & people of color as of the 1400’s when whites began colonizing the world.  After de-colonizing thinking, Ubuntu is dedicated to assist people re-Africanize, i.e., actualize Sankofa, learn African / world history, live the philosophy of Ubuntu, & practice the principals of Ma’at.