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DC Councilmembers David Grosso and Yvette Alexander introduced a Bill to Require Health Care Providers Training in LGBT but not African American Cultural Competency.

Don’t DC’s African American clients deserve the same…especially, since they NEVER HAVE HAD ‘culturally competent’ services?

The LGBT article rightly states, “LGBT people face substantial systemic discrimination in health care due to a lack of understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by the community.” “Cultural competency training is critical to reducing healthcare disparities for LGBT people and improving access to high-quality health care, especially for transgender people.”
The article states further, “[m]ost professional ethics codes require providers to be culturally competent.  However, competency training may be insufficient for marginalized groups, such as the LGBT population, who are at risk for stigmatization and discrimination.”  

But consider, the National Association of Social Workers’ 2007 report, Institutional Racism & The Social Work Profession: A Call To Action which summarily calls for the profession to be ‘culturally competent’ to provide “appropriate clinical treatment.”

And, seven (7) years later, it’s 2014 report, Achieving Racial Equity: Calling The Social Work Profession to Action…of which the 1st paragraph reads:

“As of 2013, there is not a single profession in the United States (U.S.) that requires its professionals to demonstrate an understanding of structural racism, nor has a single profession or association established an official base of competencies to address race and racism.”
“Still, in every institution we touch, data show that white people have considerably better outcomes, even when we control for a hosts of other factors.”
 Well, the ‘unique needs and challenges’ of DC’s African American community have never been understood; has and continues to suffer health care disparities; needs improved access to high-quality health care; and, unlike the LGBT community, ‘IS HARMED’ by ‘CULTURAL INCOMPETENCE’ due to a lack of understanding of the impact of racism / white supremacy on their health, relationships, and lives, in general. 
But no Councilperson has introduced a bill requiring training in ‘Cultural Competency’ for Racial Equity in social services, the police department, and all of D.C. Government.  Councilmembers should be included also since it’s evident they need it so as to, in the future, they will introduce bills that assure culturally competent services to all DC residents. It’s thought that if a ‘Cultural Competency’ for Racial Equity in DC Government bill was introduced and acted upon immediately, it would address the needs of both the African American and LGBT communities…and, everybody else.
#PUUR_Racism thinks the perfect anti or neutralize racism training is a 3- prong package.  First, for an introduction and analysis of institutional racism/white supremacy,  a 2 1/2 day training by The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond.  2nd, a several session program for a more in depth understanding, the Baltimore Racial Justice Action group.  And, (3) for long term behavioral change, #PUUR_Racism ‘s 12 Step Program to Neutralize Learned Racialized Thinking.