Black Men Are Good Dads… Not Absentee or Dead Beat Dads, Says Center for Disease Control


We’ve been told, quite frequently and repeatedly that the problems in the black community that we’ve seen in Ferguson and Baltimore recently are not the fault of biased, paramilitary, paranoid and violent policing (even if the Bureau of Justice Statistics indicates that black people are three times more likely to be subject to law enforcement uses of force).

But what we’ve heard the most, is that the real problem is the Breakdown in the Black Family™. That too many black fathers have abandoned their children.

If only black fathers would spend as much time and energy on their kids as white fathers do. If only…

…the Centers for Disease Control— checked to determine just how involved Black fathers are, whether or not they are married to the mother of their children or live with them. What they found was that, in reality, black fathers are actually more attentive to their children than other fathers generally are.