On Tuesday, June 2, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada released a 365-page report that officially found that the Government of Canada was guilty of having committed “cultural genocide”

Like the Native American, African Americans are victims of ‘cultural genocide’ which includes denying a people their [1] culture, traditional ways & practices (an example is denying us right to our traditional sexual philosophy & labeling us homophobic because we don’t ascribe to theirs), [2] their history (not allowed in public schools), [3] their language (denied during enslavement period), [4} appropriating our icons (an example is media’s portrayal of noted African Kings & Queens as white), etc.

The Lakota People’s Law Project, the only Indian-advocacy group that has worked actively, for ten years, alongside tribes in South Dakota to put a stop the acculturation / assimilation process. They’ve identified the ‘racist attitudes in the schools their children attend and say, ‘stop’…this is hurting our children. African Americans need join them and do the same.

Native Americans are ideologically clear, they say “[i]t is time for our United States Government to fully investigate, officially acknowledge, and take active steps to overcome the consequences of the systematically criminal policies
If we are all going to survive on this planet, we must humbly face the crimes of the European model, correct the injustices, and work together on sustainable models that respect the laws of nature.”