GenocideUNESCO’s  definition….

Ethnocide means that an ethnic group is denied the right to enjoy, develop and transmit its own culture and its own language, whether collectively or individually. This involves an extreme form of massive violation of human rights and, in particular, the right of ethnic groups to respect for their cultural identity.

The extremely non-African behavior…we see all around us today is ‘the’ symptom of ‘ethocide’ or cultural genocide.  

Barbara Sizemore, in her YouTube speech, ‘Blacks Still Don’t Get It’, tells us that a people’s “culture protects them.”  How I thought…my answer…culture tells a people who their God looks like them, what kind of society or community is best for them, how to relate to each other, how to raise their children, who their enemy is, what to do in times of danger, etc.

Consider, Blacks in America lived very African until the 1960’s and ’70’s, right?  Well, our churches were our social security system; our schools produced literate, high functioning graduates; our communities were extended families and we related to each other like family or village members; we had an elder system; we raised our children to be respectful; we knew the ‘white man’ was our enemy and we knew how to deal with him…for example, in stead of turning our boys over to the police like the Baltimore family did (http://bit.ly1 AmNNpa), we shipped him out of town, up north in the dark of night.  

To not remember this is systematic of Ethnocide or ‘cultural genocide’.

Like the Native American, Australia’s ‘lost generation’ (, and people of color world wide, attending the ‘white man’s’ schools began the acculturation process for us, as a group, too.  Indigenous people of Oceania, Asia, Africa, the Americas, etc. have all been induced to assimilate and have suffered and suffer similarly. 

I do think, however, that we, African Americans, denied our history and cultural practices (spanking, hair braiding, grandmothers babysitting), so persistently bombarded by negative media, purposfully propelled into a ‘culture of poverty’ via generations of forced isolation in public housing projects, etc., are a special case because we are the ‘only’ group so completely estranged from their ‘mother’ land AND we live in the ‘belly of the beast’.

Genocide…Ethnocide mean death and the terms and concepts are recognized by the United Nations which has deemed them both crimes…and, which I think speaks for itself.