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2008, Age 54, Brothers Still Won’t Speak To Her




Sandra Laing, born in 1955 with dark brown skin and frizzy hair to an Afrikaner couple. The DNA test proved Abraham Laing was her biological father.

Though she was reclassified as ‘coloured’ by the government, her parents, insisting that she was their biological child, took their battle to keep her ‘white’ all the way to the Supreme Court. They kept Sandra out of the sun and, in their rural community, no one drew attention to her toffee-coloured complexion until she started school.

‘My father told me I was white. He thought of me as his white little girl,’ Sandra says. Both Sannie, who is of Dutch descent, and Abraham, whose family originated from Germany, could trace back their white ancestry through several generations.
As Afrikaners, they had been indoctrinated in the Boer belief that to be white was pure and that people of mixed race were unstable and less intelligent.