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Suffered Cultural, Physical, & Sexual Abuse In White Man’s Schools…from 1883-1998


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada has concluded the country’s decades-long policy of forcibly removing indigenous children from their families and placing them in state-funded residential Christian schools amounted to “cultural genocide.”

Many students recall being beaten for speaking their native languages…lost touch with parents and customs.

Prior to desegregation, African Americans graduated well informed, to include knowledge of self via Black history, from segregated 2-room schools, had a thirst for education, lived their customs, i.e., respect for elders, adults, & their community.

Since desegregation…going to the ‘white’ man’s schools, African Americans, especially, today’s youth, only speak English, have lost touch with extended family, only know American history, and celebrate primarily American customs…Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Halloween, etc., think being ‘smart’ in school is ‘acting white’.  And, technically, are almost more ‘white’ than ‘Black’ behaviorally, as DuBois predicted would happen in his 1960 speech, Whither Now And Why.