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REAL…African American Experts On African American Culture & People

Some of them may have actually interacted with Dubois’,  Malcolm’s, KwAme Nkrumah’s, Carter G. Woodson’s but surly did Diop, John H. Clarke, etc.

My point, like white America, we need to develop our own criteria for who are our ‘experts’ based upon their history.  Rachel D   , dispite her ‘Toxic Charity’ attempts of helping, she doesn’t qualify to enter the room with ‘our’ experts like PTricia Newton,  Dick Gregory,  Tony Browder,  France’s Welsing, Claude Anderson, or Umar Johnson.

…come see them for yourself, this Saturday, at Union Temple Baptist Chruch…1225 W. St., SE, DC.  Sat Jun 20th 1-6 PM