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If She Applied For The Job Along With’The Rest Of U’s, Who’d Get It?

White Skin Privilege Gets The Job

She’s an expert on African-American culture, didn’t she know about ‘white’ or ‘light’skin privilege and ‘colorism’?  Didn’t she know ‘white skin privilege’ would get her the job? Or, didn’t she care?  

And, worse, she’s said to be an ‘academic expert on African-American culture’…well, compared to whom?

The PREEMINENT African American scholars on Africa, Ancient African Culture and African Americans, etc. like the following…to name a few…who I have never seen referred to as an ‘academic expert on African-American culture’.  Why?  CULTURAL GENOCIDE???

And, finally, where is her research…her academic papers?  …the audacity of her and the NAACP… who should know who the experts are on African American culture?  But, since they obviously don’t…see the following: