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I’m Appalled…Killer Still At Large…”System of Racism/White Supremacy”


Guest on Malissa Harris-Perry Show this morning say, ‘the perpetrator has been caught, but the killer’s still at large’…

The killer ranges FROM those who contributed to the $700,000, especially, poor whites TO the ultra wealthy whites, like the politicians Hilliary and Jeb Bush, who won’t make ‘the killer’ ‘a’ or ‘the’ campaign issue of 2016 with the goal:  to eradicate the “killer at large” … ‘racism/white supremacy’…once and for all.

Frances Welsing said, Blacks need to give whites the homework assignment…to publicly admit and make the eradication ‘the system of racism/white supremacy’ THEIR TASK…until done.

Following her advice, I, personally, charge white people with the responsibility of eradicating the ‘system of racism/white supremacy’…once and for all.