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Killer Still At Large…”System of Racism/White Supremacy”

Originally, Was a The System of Domination & Control: Wealthy White Men Oppressed Their Women & Poor White Men Before They Encountered Black People, But They Did, They Oppressed Us, Too

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Replace ‘capitalism’ with ‘non-hierarchical, communialism’.  What is ‘communalism’?  It originated in Black Africa and is STILL practiced in places where people live traditionally per minimal contact with European hierarchical culture that dominates and controls people (will research & provide names of some groups later).

For your study, see the following scholars and/or works:

Diop's Book

Diop is the primary scholar because he disproved white scholars; he proved that Egypt is in Africa, that the people of Egypt were/are Black, and that Black culture (characterized by equality of sexes, communal, interdependence, & cooperation) is different from white culture (sexist, hierarchical, independence, & competition).  Not an easy read so here is a link to a pretty good summation… http://bit.ly/1QOhNHn.

Other works that further expound on the difference of thetwo cultures include…don’t read, scan to answer the questions:

Once we’re clear on culture we’re better be able to understand racism, it’s origin, and how it impacts our lives…10 life areas: education, entertainment, political/economics, health, labor, law, religion, sex/relationships, & war (amended F.Welsing’s areas)… AND, KNOW HOW TO COUNTER, NEUTRALIZE, ERADICATE IT and, know what to expect of whites.