Definition of Mass Murder is Killing 4 + People


oof was arrested in North Carolina.  After telling officers that he’d only had a bag of Doritos and water that day, they took the time to take him to Burger King to satisfy his hunger.

While the public has been waiting for police to show some sensitivity in their work, some are wondering if they would have done the same for a black man who’d just murdered nine white people.  This incident occurs as the media seems all too eager to humanize Roof and claim that his actions weren’t related to race.

In Shelby, the FBI handled Roof’s initial questioning, Ledford said. Shelby police’s lone conversation with the mass-murder suspect was about food. Earlier in the day, Roof had bought water and chips at a south Charlotte gas station. Now he was hungry. Police bought him food from a nearby Burger King, Ledford said.

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