Sexual Trauma…The Black Community Needs…

Not To Blame But To Broaden Our Understanding

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby


…’our’ experts explain how racism/white supremacy has affected our sex behavior…it’s like knowing you have hypertension and making the necessary steps to address it vs not knowing and doing nothing.

Knowing how racism/white supremacy affects our behavior sexually helps us understand and possibly develop corrective actions…starting with an expectation of integrity especially from those who represent us.  

Lastly, this is a ‘cultural war’, racism/white supremacy is it’s tool; disrespecting women, dominating and controlling them is a tenant of European not African culture.  

African culture also says, it’s all our business…’everybody’s business is everybody’s business’…do what you want as long as it doesn’t hurt the group.  European culture tells us to ‘do your thing; do what you want to do’… You’re an individual accountable to no one.  

Not so.

To say nothing is to be complicit…in the language if 12 Steps, to say nothing is to ‘enable’ or ‘assist’ the person.  

As for the Black community, we need to hold those who represent us to a higher standard…or we’re complicit.  

To see how we learn to be complicit, to lie, to see but don’t see, to act white…watch the movie ‘Good Lie’.