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American Society Is Addictive…Martin Luther King Said It This Way, Society’s 3 Evils Are, Capitalism [Keep People Poor], Militarism [or Kill Them], & Materialism [Never Get Enough]

Addicted Society

Schaef and Rev. Williams taught me that American society socializes the rest of us to be addicts


Pretend America is a person and an addict.  She’s insatiable, wanting more and more and more…like a ‘locomotive’.

Violence, domination, control, war, being a victim, toxic relationships, soap-opera-drama, sex, love, hate, religion, money, disrespect for the environment, etc., etc….

All indicative of European culture and everywhere America goes, the addiction goes with her to other countries via the media, McDonald’s, & Walmart.

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Empowerment and Recovery for Our Troubled Communities

An Aside:  according to Dr. Edwin Nichols culture is genetically determined  and that blacks, Hispanics, and descendants of non-Jewish Middle-Eastern tribes place their “highest value” on “interpersonal relationships.” Or they value people more than things and are thus humane.  For example, “[in] Africa, women are the equal of men.]

Whites were altered permanently by the Ice Age where things were scarce, so they value objects highly, not people. Or, they value things more than people thus are in humane.  If white culture is genetically determined, thus, is permanent…which explains why their behavior is addictive.

To understand their culture he charges whites $3,500 for a three-hour “Basic Cultural Awareness Seminar,” plus travel and per diem. For a plain old “Workshop,” he gets $4,000-$5,000 plus expenses. This makes his staple offering–a “Full Day Session (Awareness Seminar and Workshop)”–a bargain at $5,000 plus expenses. For a “Cultural Audit,” he gets $20,000-$35,000 (he recently did one of these for the University of Michigan School of Medicine). The Bureau of Labor Statistics at the Department of Labor paid him $15,000 for diversity training; the Environmental Protection Agency got him cheaply at $12,000.

I think Karen Armstrong says it clearly in her book, Fields of Blood:

“We have created a dangerously polarized world that is linked together more closely than ever before. War is caused by our inability to see relationships to each other.”
Reference forthcoming