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Apaches, Still Fighting For Their Land

The White Man Believes He Has The Right To Others’ Possessions…Contracts/Agreements Mean Nothing

Apaches Refuse

When San Carlos Apache Tribal Council member Wendsler Nosie found out late last year that Arizona Sen. John McCain had tucked a rider into the National Defense Authorization Act that transfers 2,500 acres of Apache land to a foreign copper company, anger and resolve bubbled up inside in him, he said.

McCain’s action, he said, represents the latest chapter of generations of theft, disrespect and contempt by the federal government toward Native Americans.

In response, Nosie helped organize a series of protests on San Carlos tribal land in Southeastern Arizona, and he and 300 demonstrators traveled 2,200 miles in a convoy that traveled from Arizona through Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois and New York to the nation’s capital, where they made their voices heard at the steps of the U.S. Capitol on July 22.

Their mantra: “Save Oak Flat.”