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August 14, Washington Post

“Why We Shouldn’t Link ‘Straight Outta Compton’ To Black Lives Matter: Political Movements Require More Than Music and Art”

….Says Who?

HISTORY TELLS US: Political Movements Have / Are Always Propelled By Music & Art…Another Truth They Don’t Want Us To Know…

Note: ART OF CHINA’S CULTURAL REVOLUTION & Nazi Political Art… Father of Propaganda, Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s Nephew


So, sing on, sing on, sing on…better still…make movies, make movies, make movies…that tell the truth…the whole truth & nothing but the truth

           F*** the police comin’ straight from the underground.

           A young n**** got it bad ’cause I’m brown, and not the other color

           So police think they have the authority to kill a minority

           F****** with me cause I’m a teenager, with a lil’ bit of gold and a                    pager

           Searching my car looking for the product, thinking every n**** is                      selling narcotics

image                                     https://youtu.be/-F5WcFPDzko

“The same thing that we was going through in the ’80s with the police, people going through right now.” Perhaps they would not mind if America drew that very conclusion and then, perhaps, felt compelled to see the movie.