The Lucky Strikes Lady Changed Women’s Behavior

Art Can Change Behavior For Good Or Bad

Tell Me…Would NWA Change Black Behavior For Good Or Bad?

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Examples of Art Used For Social Change, Political Movement, or Revolution


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Propaganda was once a more neutral term that simply meant to present information in a way that is persuasive and influential to an audience. Its negative connotations today are primarily due to its association with Nazism.

As part of Hitler’s program to reshape German minds, the children of the regime were indoctrinated from a very early age. They were taught to focus on external “enemies” like Jews and communists, to believe in the pseudoscience of eugenics, to live up to German physical ideals, and to take pride in the German race. Propaganda was also used to bolster the cult of personality surrounding Adolf Hitler himself. And this process of brainwashing was helped by influential organizations like the Hitler Youth.


This poster shows a young Aryan-looking member of the Hitler Youth looking up to an idealized, God-like version of Adolf Hitler. The message was that children as young as 10 years old should serve the leader by joining the organization. For Hitler believed that devotion should be fostered as early as possible.

Young, impressionable members of the Hitler Youth were brainwashed by Nazi ideology and were made to take part in strenuous physical activity. The idea was to create dedicated, unquestioning soldiers for Hitler and the Nazi regime.

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The propaganda got America what it wanted each time, in #1, war, in #2, women to work in factories for the war, #3, embargo against Cuba, #4 ban on Nina Simone, #5 ban on Paul Roberson
US Prop 7 #4 Nina simone

                     How Nina Simone turned the movement into music


Paul Roberson

Sooooo, we can do the same to change all the ills in our communities…let’s try

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Black Lives Matter, more movies like Straight Outta Comptom, & Justice of Else