Is The Media Being Paid To Give Trump More Time Or Trying To Induce Us To Vote For Him?  Remember, The More We See Something In The Media, The More We Like It.  TrumpSanders

On average, ABC, CBS and NBC named Sanders in their news stories 17 percent as often as they named Trump–roughly one story that included the senator for every six with the developer. Leading newspapers–the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, LA Times and USA Today–ran three times as many Trump stories as Sanders stories. All the cable news channels talked about Trump more often than Sanders–even MSNBC, which often caters to a progressive audience.

So why should news outlets think voters need to hear about Trump about three times as often as they hear about Sanders?  The motive of the media is always to the benefit of the 99% and thus, never ours.

That’s why we need our own media.