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White People Lie About Sex In Africa…Women Marry Women In Africa…Not For Sex But Inheritance…Listen, Africa Speaks For ItselfScreenshot (301)…African Women Speak For Themselves

Another example of how African culture protects…

no son, so she marries a younger woman who’s impregnated by her brother and male children enable her to inherit.  Whites either don’t understand customs that are different from theirs and, they lie…but ‘intimacy’ in Africa isn’t about sex.   Life in Africa is not ‘sexualized’…meaning, everything about sex,  like life is in white countries.  Of course, in urban Africa, life is Europeanized per the media.  The media changes culture.

In the Tarime district of the Mara region in northern Tanzania an age-old tradition involves women marrying women.

This alternative family structure, known as Nyumba Nthobu, has become a practical alternative for many.

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Tulanana Bohela reports.