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Let’s Not Call White People “Terrorist”, No Matter How Many They Kill
Reserving The Word “Terrorist” For Non-Whites

Dylann Roof appearing in courtCorporate media are demonstrably reluctant to use the word “terrorist” with regards to Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Roof–even though the massacre would seem to meet the legal definition of terrorism, as violent crimes that “appear to be intended…to intimidate or coerce a civilian population.” The next day, 367 stories in papers accross the country, only 24 mentioned “terrorism” or “terrorist”–just 7 percent.

When two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, killing three and injuring hundreds.  A search of the Nexis news database for US newspapers on the next day turns up 2,593 stories mentioning the marathon, virtually all of them about the bombing, of these, 887, or 34 percent, used the word “terrorism” or a variant of the word.

In February 2010, a man named Joseph Stack deliberately flew his small airplane into the side of a building that housed a regional IRS office in Austin, Texas, killing himself, an IRS manager and injured 13 others. STACK  WAS  WHITE  AND  NON-MUSLIM.   As a result, not only was the word “terrorism” not applied to Stack, but it was explicitly declared in applicable by media outlets and government officials alike.

In Philip Bump’s June 19, 2015 Washington Post article, ‘Why We Shouldn’t Call Dylann Roof A Terrorist’, he explains…it’s skin color.

“Most Americans are white, and we see white people like ourselves. When I see Dylann Roof, I remember being a white male his age, barely out of my teenage years and experiencing weird anger in a difficult time…. We can identify much more easily with who he is.”
Boston Marathon bombing (cc photo: Aaron Tang)

The Boston Marathon bombing was widely called “terrorism” when people had no idea who committed it or what motivated them. (cc photo: Aaron Tang)

He's given protection...bullet proof vest

He’s given protection…bullet proof vest

Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Storm Roof got a FREE meal from police on his way to jail. They went to Burger King.

FBI...not a case of terroism

FBI…not a case of terroism