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Why Is Homicide Rate Increasing In Cities Across The Country?  Those In Power Know Why…Scientific Studies Were Done In The 30-40’s Prompted Relocating Blacks Into Overcrowded Public Housing…Exacerbated In 2015 By The Threat Of Homelessness Per Gentrification

Calhoun’s “rat utopia” experiments
Calhoun’s “rat utopia” experiments were conducted at a Montgomery County farm. In the graphic above (from Ramsden’s lecture slides), rodents are shown in four pens separated by electrified partitions. As the population grew past capacity, Calhoun observed a developing social hierarchy with toxic pathologies.

Who has put too many fish in a small tank…what happens?

From the mid-1950s to the late 1980s, a noted NIH ecologist and experimental psychologist developed a theory on crowding.  Among the males the behavior disturbances ranged from sexual deviation to cannibalism and from frenetic over activity to a pathological withdrawal stress, alienation, hostility, sexual perversion, a large proportion of the population became bisexual, then increasingly homosexual, and finally asexual. There was a breakdown in maternal behavior. Mothers stopped caring for their young, stopped building a nest for them and even began to attack them, resulting in a 96 percent mortality rate in the two crowded pens. Calhoun coined a term—“behavioral sink”—to describe the decay.

Does not the same happen in jails…well, it happens in public housing, too.

Overcrowding Overcrowding 2

Answer:  Descent homes, living wage jobs, real education, etc.