All Black Caste…Enjoyable Positive Black Movie…The Kind We Need Make Based On The Oldest Religious Text…The Egyptian Book Of Dead (Life Beyond)…It Gives Us 42 vs 10 Commandments, The 1st Mary, Joseph, & Jesus, And An Afterlife vs A Hell

War Room

Relax, kick back, and enjoy…a good movie…about us…for a change.  The 4th film produced by the white Sherwood Baptist Church has a virtually, I repeat, virtually all Black cast and all the s/heroes are Black.  Not sex, no violence, no language…


Before going into combat with the struggles of daily life we face daily, we should seek God (Horus).

Critical Review  

You guessed it, white folk gave it negative reviews but don’t be fooled, we see things differently, audiences gave the film a rare grade of “A+

T.C. Stallings, who plays a major role in the film, says “There are many people out there — white and black — who stay with their families and work through their problems. They aren’t thugs or gang leaders. ’War Room’ tells the truth about society by showing the reverse of that stereotype. Racial tension is dangerous and people are dying and a lot of us want to see that stopped. We protest and speak out and tweet out, but this problem is much bigger than human beings. This movie will give people a way to take these problems to the Lord and show them that prayer is the best weapon to fight back.”

PUUR’s Critique

We need tell the spiritual story that preceded the Christian story, the story the Christian story is based upon…found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead or Life Beyond.

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