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The Sources Of The Problem In Inner Cities Is The Poverty Crime Hopelessness Connection…So, How Difficult Is It To See That Jobs Is A Big Part Of The Solution

Erika Totten, center, in “#BlackLivesMatter” T-shirt, reacts as D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) addresses the rise in violent crime during a media event last week. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

Having done her homework, Erika Totten offers a good solution to ,  Richmond, California’s program that pays those involved in crime a monthly stipend of ”””4300 to $1000 a month to follow individually designed therapeutic education and job training programs for 18 months and has had a 77% drop in homicides, from 47 to 11 in 2014. 

Mayor Bowser responded that her plan wasn’t about “arresting Black men” that “how we can save their lives.”

Her plan:

  • deploy more police
  • expand their powers to search and seize
  • making it easier for SWAT teams to rad homes of parolees, people on probation & those awaiting trail
  • target parolees
  • spend more money on crime frighting tools such as surveillance cameras, BPS tracking, etc.

Will this not result in arresting Black men…even killing them…and destroying more Black families.  But that’s the aim of gentrification isn’t it?

Black people who work for the benefit of whites are anti-Black according to the research…see Shades of Black by William Cross.  Those of us who work for the benefit of whites at the expense of their own people, are not Black ideologically and do us harm. They suffer from internalized racial inferiority, are dangerous and are our worse enemy.


At present, I don’t have any answers as to what to do about them because I don’t know the value of electing a conscious Black person like Chokwe Lumumba, Jackson, Mississippi’s late mayor to preside over a racist/white supremacist governmental system without the support of the community.

But, I just had to speak on the fact that, like so many Blacks in positions of power, Supreme Court Judge, Clarence Thomas, Uganda’s Idi Dada, and Zaire’s Mobutu Sese Seko, to name a few, and others, many are anti-Black. It’s a shame all anti-Black Black leaders don’t have a Black son to sensitive them to what mothers, like those of Wards 7 and 8 feel…what NY Mayor Bill de Blasio feels and knows is true when his son leaves the house…that to police, Black lives don’t matter.  

We’ll soon explore what Black, ideologically anti-Blacks have in common because, I don’t think there were as many before desegregation as now…I think European education is part of it.  What do you think?

We’ll explore violence, too, because whites call us violent but they never consider the indiscriminate killing of people the world over since before the 1870’s as violent…again, one definition for themselves and one for the rest of us.  Colonizers before now world police.

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