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No Jobs, Mis-education, Cultural Genocide Are Destroying The Black Community…But Who Knows That?

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Solution…vs The Tyler Perry Version…We Need More POSITIVE  BLACK  MOVIES  Like  ‘War Room’

War Room


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We need movies from a Black cultural perspective, i.e., movies that portray (1) tell what schools won’t, our history from the classical to the present; (2) our deep respect for education (3) our cultural philosophy of Ubuntu, I am because you are…

...and movies that show how the elder and village systems functioned to support and protect us up until the 1970's

(2)…and movies that show how the elder and village systems functioned to support and protect us up until the 1970’s

“War Room” arrives at a time when racial tensions in America have intensified as a result of police brutality cases and the racially motivated slaying of black worshippers by a white shooter in Charleston, S.C. Those involved with the film say they don’t believe the timing of its release is a coincidence, and they think that the message of “War Room” might have the power to usher in reconciliation in America.

Actor T.C. Stallings says he accepted the male lead role in the film because of the positive picture it paints of the African-American family. Stallings grew up in a “stereotypical stigma of a black family” in inner-city Cleveland. He didn’t meet his drug-addicted father until he was 19 years old. His siblings all dropped out of high school and spent time in jail. And his neighborhood was riddled with gangs and crime.

Black children in such settings often repeat the same mistakes because the entertainment industry often portrays black families and communities poorly, Stallings said.

“What I saw on TV and in movies growing up was all negative. The picture of African-Americans in urban areas was all bad language and bad credit scores and bad habits,” Stallings said. “There were many upstanding, Christian black families in the world, and they needed to be talked about as well.”

Whereas, “[m]any black moviegoers are used to the films of Tyler Perry and T.D. Jakes, featuring faith-based undertones and themes…” and from a European cultural perspective “…and a [the] new film produced by award-winning Christian movie makers Alex and Stephen Kendrick seeks to change the Hollywood game even further”, I’m recommending that churches go all the back to ‘the source’…the beginning for stories, themes and answers to all our questions.