hy An Independent Black & Not A Charter School?  Well, I Said…

A is for 2

That’s the best place to find teachers who, like Dr. Courtney Davis, who’s able to recongnizes when Black children aren’t doing well that it most likely is due to the need for lessons in racial pride.  And,  committed to helping the Black children vs referring them to special education finds a ‘culturally specific solution’…like her book, ‘A Is For Anacostia’.

A is for

An aside, Independent Black Schools don’t have or need Special Education…all the children are considered bright, teachable, and special.

Courtney told me, she realized that her students had negative images of their neighborhoods so she decided to portray their communities positively and the results was her book.

A is for 6

“B” is for Big Chair

A is for 3

…the real ‘Big Chair”

A is for 7

The actual ‘Big Chair’ is located at the intersection of Martin Luther King Ave. and V. Street S.E., in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, D.C.   It was once considered the world’s largest chair.

So, Courtney’s book is more than, what some white educational experts like Diane Ravitch…featured on WPFW on why Charter Schools are good for our communities, call ‘feel good education’.  

Her book teaches the history in their community, to include:

F for Frederick Douglas  – the historical home of Fred Douglas is

M for Museum – there’s

I for Ihop – the only 2 Ihops in DC are Black owned

R for River – SE is the only quadrant of DC that has a river park…especially, beautiful at night,

T for Tennis…there’s a Tennis Learning Center is Ward 8

V for View – SE having some of the highest hills in DC, has some of the prettiest views of DC and Va