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Congratulations To Ronnie Deal-Burren, Mom Of Coby Who’s Fight For Historical Accuracy Forced Publisher McGraw-Hill To Change Textbooks After Her Complaint About Slavery..and Slaves Called Workers… Went Viral  

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A Relative With 2 Small Children Called & Asked Me If I Could Recommend A School For Children; She Had Been Thinking Of A Couple Charter Schools In DC…do you want to be forever fighting like Ronnie…but longer, her son is 15, your children aren’t even 5 yet.

Well, I said, none of the schools, charters included, teach an accurate history, no People of Color or Black/African history and to worsen matters, they were all using the new text books that make it seem like the Atlantic Slave Trade never happened.  In other words, the new books make it seem like whites did ‘nothing wrong’.  I said the only schools that teach African history, that produce students with high self esteem and positive self image, and matriculate all most all if not all are Independent Black Schools.

I what did she want her kids to grow up to be, a Ben Carson or Ta-Nehisi Coates…both extremely smart and successful but one works in the interest of whites and the other in the interest of Blacks or people of color.  Her chances of getting a Ta-Nehisi Coates were higher if the kids attended independent Black schools…as indicated by Darlene and Derek Hopson in their article, Implications of Doll Color Preferences Among Black Preschool Children and White Preschool Children. 

But since whites keep trying white-wash history, the only or best or easiest way to assure the our children remain ideologically and culturally Black or African is to give their minds to those who teach from an culturally Black or African perspective.

Or do you want to be fighting teachers, schools, text book companies…like Ronnie for the next 20 some years…her son is 15, your children aren’t even 5 yet. 

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One of the nation’s largest textbook publishers agreed Friday to update its description of the slave trade after a Pearland mom’s complaint went viral on Facebook.

In a video posted Thursday, Roni Dean-Burren pointed out a caption in her 9th grade son’s 2016 edition World Geography textbook, which said the Atlantic slave trade “brought millions of workers from Africa to the southern United States to work on agricultural plantations.”

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Dean-Burren said the wording – specifically calling slaves “workers” – sanitized the history of slavery in America by not mentioning that slaves were captured violently and forced to work against their will. Her video garnered half a million views by Friday and nearly two million by Monday.

The textbook, published by McGraw-Hill, is part of the newest generation of Texas public school text books, which won approval earlier this year after heated controversy over their content. Many critics long alleged the books conveyed a warped version of history by downplaying slavery in the U.S. and its role in the Civil War, excessively stressing the roles of biblical figures like Moses in the founding of the United States, excluding critiques of free-market systems and demonizing Islam.

© Hearst Newspapers Controversial excerpts from Texas textbooks A viral Facebook post by a Pearland mom forces a major national textbook publisher to pledge to change their wording on the slave trade. The next Texas textbooks have long been…

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On Friday evening, McGraw-Hill Education released a statement on their Facebook page saying “we conducted a close review of the content and agree that our language in that caption did not adequately convey that Africans were both forced into migration and to labor against their will as slaves.”

The publisher promised to update the caption immediately in the digital textbook, and as soon as possible in the textbook’s next printed edition, generally released at five-to-10-year intervals.

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Dean-Burren, a doctoral candidate in education at the University of Houston, said in the video she was notified of the slave trade caption in a text message from her son who attends Pearland High School. The same page that called slaves “workers” noted that many Europeans came to the United States as indentured servants and worked for “little to no pay.”

When the publisher pledged to rectify the caption, Dean-Burren shared the post on Facebook with praise for her son.

“This is change people!!!” she wrote. “This is why your voices matter!!!”

Hopson, Darlene and Derek, Implications of Doll Color Preferences Among Black Preschool Children and White Preschool Children, The Journal of Black Psychology, February 1988, Vol. 14, No. 2, Pp.57-63.