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The House Was Full At The ARC…Following Tempie Satcher, The Founder of Ladies of Life, I Ended Up At A Play In Recognition of Domestic Violence Month, ‘Then Sing My Soul’ 



A brief October meeting before the play...

A brief October meeting before the play…

Tempie Satcher, founder of Ladies of Life, our suicide prevention group

Tempie Satcher, founder of Ladies of Life, our suicide prevention group

It was a serious, engaging, moving, emotionally charged, intense play. From my (conscious) Afrocentric perspective, the play’s messages were clear:

  • (European) patriarchal society teaches Black men to dominate and control women, i.e., be King of your castle , control your woman…make her do what you say 
  • Black men are angry, angry, angry and don’t know it’s because they’er oppressed…24/7 by American society…walking while Black, driving while Black, looking police in the eye while Black, running while Black, …just being Black (see CBC.com reports: http://bit.ly/1PSzNPh Black seeks asylum in Canada)
  • Black men take their anger out on the person closes to them, their woman

The solutions, per my African consciousness:

  • healing support groups are invaluable for men, who abuse and women, who’er abused
  • learn that this is a European, patriarchal society and that the primary tenet of this culture is  ‘domination and control’, meaning, men dominate women and children and rich (white) men (Donald Trump) dominate poor (white) men…that’s everybody
  • learn that the primary tenet of African / Black culture is Ubuntu, humanness, ‘ l am because you are’… ‘I recognize your humanness and am obligated to respond humanly’

For an Afrocentric person such as myself, it’s significant that the play was written, produced, directed and performed by Blacks….to me, that mean jobs by and for Blacks.

I want to thank Tempie for inviting me; I didn’t know where she was taking me but asking no questions, just followed, did as I was told and ended up in a great space…enjoyed myself tremendously.