Ben Carson, Brother From Another Planet

Understanding This Mentality…For Example, Ben Carson……Smart, Ultra Successful, But Identifies As Non-Black…Julianne Malveaux , Says He’s A Brother From Another Planet…Peter Bell Would Say He’s ‘Acculturated’…Why?

Ben Carson

 He finds the Black Lives Matter a divisive movement.

Wake up, voters! Carson is an impending disaster.

How can he think that…well, the literature on ‘racial identity development’ says a person who identifies outside their ethnicity is ‘acculturated’…
People learn to be Black, white, Ethiopian, Russian, etc.  As a child, one’s ‘racial identity develops’ in accordance with the culture in which they are raised/socialized.  
Prior to desegregation, most of African Americans were socialized in accordance with African culture, norms, values, practices, traditions…let me repeat, the literature says African Americans lived very African before desegregation.  The African culture formed a Black ‘racial identity’ which, among other things, fostered a sense of understanding and support for the Black experience.  
But after desegregation, we were immersed in European culture…attending their schools and indoctrinated by their mass media…this immersion into white culture began to change our ‘racial identity’.  
According to Darlene & Derek Hopson’s article in The Journal of Black Psychology, “Blacks learn to reject their ethnic group as a consequence of pervasive negative stereotypes promoted by the media teachers, parents, and the broader society and adopt the cultural norms, values, and negative judgement about their group.”
Ben Carson doesn’t understand or support the Black experience; his cultural norms and values are rooted in white culture therefore, in accordance with white or European culture, he judges his ethnic group negatively.
A brief note about ‘identity development’…simplified: 
Peter Bell developed an ‘racial identity’ model to explain the various Black ‘racial identities’ that have developed as a consequence of the acculturation and assimilation. Note, this happens with all acculturated people.
1.  Acculturated
2.  Bicultural
3.  Culturally Immersed Conformist
4.  Culturally Immersed Afro centric
5.  Culturally Immersed Deviant
6.  Traditional Unacculturated
Talking specifically about Ben Carson, he’d fall in the ‘acculturated’ group; people in this group… live, work, and play outside the Black community; have white value system…few Black mannerisms in dress, speech, or movement…like Clarence Thomas and Condoleezza Rice.  
‘Identity’ is fluid, it can change for example, Malcolm X went from ‘Culturally Immersed Deviant’ to ‘Culturally Immersed Afrocentric’…from European/white norms, individualistic dog-eat-dog value system to an Afrocentric, I am because you are value system…that emerged per his study and embrace of African history….while in prison.  
An example in the reverse is Micheal Jackson…his ‘identity’ changed from ‘Culturally Immersed Conformist’ to ‘Acculturated’ per deep immersion in white culture. .not knowing his history or culture, he no intellectual or emotional defense.
Culture defends…protects us from acculturation without it, we can act like a ‘brother from another planet’…strange, foreign, and dangerous.
So as Julianne Malveaux says, Carson’s thinking is strange, like that of  ‘a brother from another planet…
“His clear contempt for African Americans who are not in his corner is troubling.  He says that the media has “manipulated” African Americans.  His comments seem to suggest that African Americans do not have minds of our own, and that we are open to manipulation.  Why didn’t he say that his white conservative allies are being manipulated…”

Implications of Doll Color Preferences among Black Preschool Children and White Preschool Children

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