HERODOTUS “The Father of history”  –  Greek historian who lived in the 5th century BC (484 – 425 BC) used the name Ethiopia for all the land South of Egypt including Sudan & Ethiopia..

“Ethiopia shall stretch forth her hands to God”Psalm 68

First, Ethiopia is a major focus in the Nile Valley Civilization- that area of East Africa that nurtured ancient Egypt to serve as the mouth piece for all the wisdom of Africa expressed in the hieroglyphic writings of ancient Egypt. Today, thanks to JeanFrancois Champollion, a French scholar, philologist and orientalist who deciphered the Egyptian hieroglyphs in 1823, the world can not only see the ancient ruins of Egypt but can now read ancient Egypt’s history and compare its chronology with that of the Bible and other world writings.

Second, Ethiopia being the main source of the Nile River – the life blood of Egypt – is the longest river on earth and comes from two East African countries (1) Blue Nile from Ethiopia and White Nile from deep down in Uganda.

Third, Ethiopia is known as the First Christian Nation In The World. The Acts of the Apostles describes the baptism of an Ethiopian eunuch shortly after the death of Christ. Eusebius of Caesarea, the first church historian, further tells of how the eunuch returned to his land (Ethiopia) to diffuse the Christian teachings. Note: The first convert to Islam was Bilal (Ibn Rabah) – born 580 AD – whose mothe~ was a former princess of Abyssinia (Ethiopia).

Fourth, Ethiopia is home to more United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage sites (9) than. any other Africa country. The ruins of the city of Aksum, dating from-the 1st to the 13th century, mark the heart of ancient Ethiopia and what was the “most powerful state between the Eastern Roman Empire and Persia”. It includes monolithic obelisks, giant stelae, royal tombs, ruins of former castles and the renounced eleven medieval Rock-Hewn Churches in Lalibela (known as the Jerusalem of Ethiopia) from the 13th century.

Fifth, Ethiopia is a foundering member of the United Nations (UN), Group of24, Non-Aligned Movement, G-77, Organization of African Unity (OAU), and the headquarters of the African Union (AU) and the PanAfrican Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Sixth, Ethiopia. is the site and focus of THE THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ETHIOPIA, ITS BIBLICAL, HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL ROOTS being held in Addis Ababa (the capital), Lalibela, and Aksum from November 4· 12, 2015.

Seventh, the history and wisdom of Ethiopia awaits you. Come with us and experience SANKO FA. Reach back and fetch that knowledge of ancient history and the wisdom of MA’ AT – truth, justice, rightousness, balance, order, harmony and reciprocity.

Rufus Tiefing Stevenson