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Thanksgiving? For What?…Broken Treaties, Cultural Genocide and Murder…The Day’s A National Day of Mourning for Us


2015-11-26 (3)

It’s a cultural war and the tools of racism are used to destroy our indigenous culture.

Cultural War:                    Re-Education and Cultural Genocide                                                                     … Canada’s indigenous schools policy                                                                       was ‘cultural genocide’, says report


Entertainment Racism: Native Americans: the Tragedy of                                                        Alcoholism


Health Racism:                 High Suicide Rate – of Native                                                                American Children

Gentrification Racism:   Native American – Removal from                                                        their land


Educational Racism:       Assimilation Through Education:                                                        Indian Boarding Schools 


Religious Racism:            Native American Spiritual Beliefs                                                       Changed By Christianity


 War Racism:                   Blankets with Smallpox: Colonial                                                        Warfare