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Blacks Adopting  white Male Children in Mass…Racism Would End in a Generation…Why?

Black adopt white

We would teach them to be humane; to see others as human and deserving respect.  Even Rodney King said, ‘can’t we just get along’.  The relatives of the Charleston 9 forgave the killer even before their relatives were buried. 

Why, because the tenets of African culture are rooted in maat and ubuntu, i.e., ‘interdependence, cooperation, respect, and an honoring of children’.  And, people raised by these values don’t strive to ‘dominate and control’ others or things.

Whereas, the white patriarchal cultural tenets of ‘domination and control’ under gird all forms of abuse…the ‘isms’.  Remember, before whites ever encountered people of color, wealthy or white men with more food and/or land controlled and dominated poor white men and white women.  In other words, sexism and classism originated and existed among whites when whites only knew whites. 

Therefore, what can or will they teach our children but what they know…sexism, classism, racism, etc.  They will teach our children to be ‘white’ ideologically (Fanon, DuBois)…and, gay…their study results, notwithstanding.

And, they’ll probably sexually abuse our children.  If old, white haired archbishops and priest don’t know sexual abuse of children is wrong, if they think it’s ok because the kids ‘want it’, and if Pope Frances thinks a commission is needed to establish an ‘education and training program’ to teach old men not to have sex with children, what do you think the changes are that the gay men who adopt our (male) children will most probably do to them?  

It’s so endemic to their way of life and it’s accepted…consider, the Vatican’s been aware of sex with boys for centuries…with no consequences.

white men w Black child 2


Consider also, that their cherished Plato…states in the introduction (2 of 3) of   The Symposium:

“[t]he love with which the dialogue is concerned, and which is accepted as a matter of course by all the speakers, including Socrates, is homosexual love; it is assumed without argument that this alone is capable of satisfying a man’s highest and noblest aspirations, and the love of man and woman, when it is mentioned at all, is spoken of as altogether inferior, a purely physical impulse whose sole object is the procreation of children.”

It’s their culture!!!  They can only do what they know.  Why put our children in probable harms way?