Why Were They Really Assassinated?  King and Malcolm…


“Racism is an illness…”…where do we go from here?

Martin Luther King’s assassination was likely related to his plans to address international issues, like the war in Vietnam and his political evolution that moved him to seek audience with radical African American organizations and allegedly with Malcolm X.  Considering King’s charisma and mass popularity, the establishment had to view a possible union of King, Malcolm X, Black radicals and Kings’s mass support with great alarm.



Prior to his assassination, Malcolm X was the most well known spokesman of radical African-USA thought and the public followed his development; first as spokesman for Elijah Mohamed’s Nation of Islam.  His assassination was in part prompted by his plans to bring genocide charges against the USA at the United Nations, which was supported by many African heads of state.  It was also prompted by his plans/activities to train Black guerrillas from the diaspora for armed struggle against the likes of the Klan in the southern USA, and western imperialism in Africa.

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