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Rodner Figueroa, TV Show Host, Fired For Comparing Michelle Obama To An Ape.. Well, He Did What ‘Light Skin’ Blacks Do…IF!!! They’re Ideologically White

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The people of Kemit, now Egypt and many of the surrounding countries, called themselves Black, people of the Black land.  They were proud of their skin color and resisted amalgamation.  With the advent of ship loads of white men explorers, like Vasco Nunez Balboa, John Cabot, Jaques Cartier, Christopher Columbus, Juan Ponce de Leon, and Henry Hudson and the African colonizers from Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Italy, by the 1900’s, the ‘whitening’ of people of color the world over was common.

c williams 2

Chancellor Williams

Chancellor Williams, in The Destruction of Black Civilization, speaks of “The Mulatto Problem” (pg. 71); he tells us that these white men have been “the world’s leader in bastardizing other peoples” the world over.  That is, white crews from the many ‘explorer’ ships had children by the Black and Brown indigenous women whom they enslaved.  The white fathers used their mulatto children as a ‘buffer group’ to create a barrier, a separation or to segregate themselves from the ‘rest of us’.  And, the white fathers also created a cast system with their half-white offspring which served to make them superior to all [other] Blacks via the special privileges available to them.

The ‘light skinned’ children were induced with social benefits to reject their mothers’ people.  They craved for their fathers’ class and status…the education, the positions of authority over the other Blacks, the modicum of wealth, and the promise of ‘assimilation’ (… when the number of whites becomes low due to low birth rates, other groups are allowed to become white to increase the numbers…Latinos are currently the group that’s allowed to become white via the census).

Blacks who’re ideologically white, strive to prove how deserving of advantages they are, how truly non-Black they are, and they hate on darker Blacks, seemingly worse than whites.

Through out history we have been warned about the motives and intent of these Black ‘gate keepers’ who crave whiteness and the associated benefits.  Frantz Fanon called them the ‘national  bourgeoisie’, Chancellor Williams referred to them as the “mulatto” problem, E. Franklin Frazier call them the Black Bourgeoisie,  Malcolm X referred to them as Uncle Toms and/or house niggers and William Cross refers to them as Acculturated and/or bi Cultural.

I refer to them, using a term borrowed from the anti-racism jargon, ” gate keepers”, because they’re positioned socially by the system of racism/white supremacy between whites and the rest of us to guard the gate to ‘equality’…making sure we don’t pass through…like Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, and Armstrong Williams do so well.  As you see, ‘gate keepers’ aren’t limited to light skinned Blacks any more; they’re any Black or person of color, like Rodner Figueroa, who is ideologically white (will explain in upcoming blogs).

So, the actions of a Rodner Figueroa shouldn’t surprise us…he’s a ‘gate keeper’ and he did what ‘gate keepers’ do, i.e., act white…talking and acting towards ‘the rest of us’ as whites do.  

Pictures of ‘light skin’ Blacks of various ethnic groups, Australia, Hawaii, African Americans, and Brazil.

Skin Color 2

Skin Color 4 Austrailians

skin color Brazill skin color Brazilian skin color Af Amer skin color Haw

Group of happy Indian children, desert village, India

But, they’re not white and when they make a mistake, like Figeroa did when he compared Michelle Obama to an ape publicly, he suffered consequences not applicable to Donald Trump or Donald Sterling.  ‘Want-a-be whites’ get fired, suspended like a Ray Rice, or go to jail like a Marion Barry and maybe even Bill Cosby…white men can sexually abuse women, boys, and other men, confess or don’t confess…and, go on about their business, unscathed.  

No matter how close Blacks get to the ‘race ceiling’, we can’t get in and we can always fall no matter our achieved status, our financial status, etc., we’re still not white.

Solution, I like solutions, especially solutions offered by history or one of our scholars. 

John Henrick Clarke says, to solve the mulatto problem, we should raise ‘mixed’ children to be Black other wise, if they’re raised ‘white’ they’ll do what ‘gate keepers’ do,  work against the interest of Black people.  


Solutions #2…learn African history and culture as W.E.B. Dubois advises in his March 31, 1960 speech,  Whither now and why…if we don’t learn it we’ll think and act white, he says.


And, the literature indicates that those who immerses themselves in the history are changed, transformed, becomes conscious…like Malcolm did…that’s just how powerful it is to the psyche of Black/African people