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A February 2015 Repost

When ‘We’ Jews…The Original Jews


Customer Reviews of this book by Yosef A ben-Jochannan…one of our great scholars…he just died recently.

Readers Reviews:

  1. The research is impeccable and the conclusions cannot be denied.

Author Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan impressively gets past the lies and false accounts that unfortunately has become religious doctrine to bring new meaning to the birthplace of civilization in mother Africa.

With a focus on Ethiopia and Egypt, the two lengthy pamphlets that make up the book puts into proper perspective the rich sciences, technologies, histories and languages – written & spoken – that emerged from these societies. There is a special emphasis on the creation of the white myths that deny the black Jewish faith – for example, the real history surrounding Ethiopia’s Black Messiah -its rightful place in religious doctrine.

The research began in the 1930s, with material updated through the early 1980s. The layout is in pamphlet form from that era, which makes for a very difficult read. But the reader will learn through patience.

In the Dedication, ben-Jochannan writes, “This aspect of the history and heritage of the Black Jews is dedicated to all oppressed African People whose religion differ from those who control the power of life and death over most of us. Out of this it is hoped that a better understanding between African People will prevail in spite of religious differences. Remember; Religion is Nothing More, or Less, Than a Belief. And That Any One Of Them Is As Godly As Another.”

As one, the truth shall be known. As one, love will truly reign supreme. As one, life, death and salvation will again have its righteous meaning.

2.  Original Hebrews December 29, 2013
By Rich D

This book reads more like a research/reference book than a novel. That aside its an excellent work written by an indigenous African Hebrew. Deals with a lot of pre-history, long lost or never discussed in the classroom.
3.  The best work I have studied thus far confirming that the … October 1, 2014
By Rasil
The best work I have studied thus far confirming that the Ethiopians and not Whites are the real Jews of the Bible. A scholarly work.
Statements supported by Scripture and other scholars.