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 Cheikh Anta Diop Disproved European ‘scholars’…Johan Bachofen, Lewis Morgan, & Friedrich Engels,  Who Said There Was Only 1 Culture, White Culture And, Any Other Was Inferior


The Father of Afrocentricity…”The Cultural Unity Of Black Africa”

Diop not only proved that we, Africans/People of Color have a culture but that it was rooted in ‘respect’ whereas European culture is rooted in ‘lack of respect’.  

(Determined by Environment after a separation during the Ice Age.)

Southern Cradle-Egyptian Model 
  1. Abundance of vital resources.
  2. Sedentary-agricultural.
  3. Gentle, idealistic, peaceful nature with a spirit of justice.
  4. Matriarchal family.
  5. Emancipation of women in domestic life.
  6. Territorial state.
  7.  Xenophilia.
  8. Cosmopolitanism.
  9. Social collectivism.
  10. Material solidarity of right for individual which makes moral or material misery unknown.
  11. Idea of peace, justice, goodness and optimism.
  12. Literature emphasizes novel tales, fables and comedy.

Northern Cradle-Greek Model

  1. Bareness of resources.
  2. Nomadic-hunting (piracy)
  3. Ferocious, warlike nature with spirit of survival.
  4. Patriarchal family.
  5. Debasement / enslavement of women.
  6. City state (fort)
  7. Xenophobia.
  8. Parochialism.
  9. Individualism.
  10. Moral solitude.
  11. Disgust for existence, pessimism.
  12. Literature favors tragedy.

Source: http://www.jalumi.com/class/csu/Two_Cradle_Theory.htm



Cold Wind From the North is a groundbreaking treatise on the origin of racism. In a sweeping analysis that departs sharply from standard explanations, the book takes the reader on an eye opening, six-phase, historical journey that begins in ice-age Europe, where environmental factors created the white race, proto-racism (xenophobia, fear of strangers) and possible racial conflict. The journey continues through the post ice-age, nomadic era that includes Indian, Semitic, Greco-Roman and northern European phases and ends in modern times wherein racism assumes pervasive global forms. A penetrating analysis lays bare the identical character of racist social structures in ancient and modern times. The book features a new theory on the racial differentiation, the definition and character of racism, and the five century global African revolt against racism and colonialism. The journey ends with discussions of racism in post modern society and the dehumanizing effects of modern technology which are hurling humanity towards brave new world and a race-caste social structure. The book concludes with a call to counteract the cold wind from the north with global African development and highlights how historical continuity can serve as foundation for this quest.