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 white Anthropologist, Cullen Turnbull’s Book, Human Cycles, Tells The Truth…African Cultural Way Of Life Is More Civilized Than whites’…Malcolm X Discovered The Greatness Of The African

How Malcolm X Studied / Learned Afro-American History

Taken From ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X’

Norfolk Prison Colony’s library was one of its outstanding features.  A millionaire names Parkhurst had willed his library there…  I read aimlessly, until I learned to read selectively, with a purpose.

I can remember accurately the very first set of books that really impressed me.  I have since bought that set of books and I have it at home for my children to read as they grow up.  It’s called Wonders of the World.  It’s full of pictures of archaeological finds, statues that depict, usually, non-European people.

I found books like Will Durant’s, Story of Civilization.  I read H. G. Wells’ Outline of History. Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. DuBois gave me a glimpse into the black people’s history before they came to this country. Carter G. Woodson’s Negro History opened my eyes about black empires before the black [en]slave[d] was brought to the United States, and the early Negro struggles for freedom.

J.A Rogers’ three volumes of Sex and Race told about race mixing before Christ’s time; about Aesop being a black man wo told fables; about Egypt’s Pharaohs; about the great Coptic Christian Empires; about Ethiopia, the earth’s oldest continuous black civilization, as China is the oldest continuous civilization…

I read about the slave preacher Nat Turner, who put the fear of God into the white slave master.  Nat Turner wasn’t going around preaching pie-in-the-shy and “non-violent” freedom for the black man.  There in Virginia one night in 1831, Nat and seven other slaves started out at his master’s home and through the night they went from one plantation “bit house” to the next, killing , until by the next morning 57 white people were dead and Nat had about 70 slaves following him.  White people, terrified for their lives, fled from their homes, locked themselves up in public buildings, hid in the woods, and some even left the state.  A small army of soldiers took two months to catch and hang Nat Turner.  Somewhere I have read where Nat Turner’s example is said to have inspired John Brown to invade Virginia and attack Harper’s Ferry nearly thirty years later, with thirteen white men and five Negroes.

I read Herodotus, “the father of History,” or , rather , I read about him.  And I read the histories of various nations, which opened my eyes gradually, then wider and wider, to how the whole worlds white men had indeed acted like devils, pillaging and raping and bleeding and draining the whole world’s non-white people.  I remember, for instance, books such as Will Durant’s story of Oriental civilization, and Mahatma Gandhi’s accounts of the struggle to drive the British out of India.

Book after book showed me how the white man had brought upon the world’s black, brown, red, and yellow peoples every variety of the sufferings of exploitation.  I saw how since the sixteenth century, the so-called “Christian trader” white man began to ply the seas in his lust for Asian and African empires, and plunder, and power.  I read, I saw, how the white man never has gone among the non-white peoples bearing the Cross in the true manner and spirit of Christ’s teachings—meek, humble, and Christ-like.

I perceived, as I read, how the collective white man had been actually nothing but a piratical opportunist who used Faustian machinations to make his own Christianity his initial wedge in criminal conquests.  First, always “religiously,” he branded “heathen” and “pagan” labels upon ancient non-white cultures and civilizations.  The stage thus set, he then turned upon his nonwhite victims his weapons of war…

The white man as perpetuated upon himself, as well as upon the black ma, so gigantic a fraud that he has put himself into a crack.  He did it through his elaborate, neurotic necessity to hide the black man’s true role in history.

History has been so ‘whitened’ by the white man that even the black professors have known little more than most ignorant black man about the talents and rich civilizations and cultures of the black man of millennium ago.  I have lectured in Negro colleges and some of these brainwashed black Ph.D.’s, with their suspenders dragging the ground with degrees, have run to the white man’s newspapers calling me a “black fanatic.”  Why, a lot of them are fifty years behind the times.  If I were president of one of these black colleges, I’d hock the campus if I had to, to send a bunch of black students off *digging in Africa for more, more and more proof of the black race’s historical greatness.  The white man now is in Africa digging and searching,  An African elephant can’t stumble without falling on some white man with a shovel.  Practically every week, we red about some great new find from Africa’s lost civilizations.  All that’s new is white science’s attitude.  The ancient civilizations of the black man have been buried on the Black Continent all the time.

 Here is an example: a British anthropologist named Dr. Louis S. B. Leakey is displaying some fossil bones—a foot, part of a hand, some jaws, and skull fragments.  On the basis of these, Dr. Leaky has said it’s time to rewrite completely the history of man’s origin.

This species of man lived 1,818,036 years before Christ.  And these bones were found in Tanganyika.  In the Black Continent.

It’s a crime, the lie that has been told to generations of black men and white men both.  Little innocent black children, born of parents who believed that their race had no history.  Little black children seeing, before they could talk, that their parents considered themselves inferior.  Innocent black children growing up, living out their lives, dying of old age—and all of their lives ashamed of being black. 


*  In 2009, Tony Browder, with the help of volunteers, began the excavation of Karakhamun’s tomb, since then, he has sponsored 12 two-week missions. This is the 1st time in history African Americans have financed and participated in an Egyptian archaeological excavation.  Malcolm would be proud.  He sponsors 2 week volunteer stents, you’re encouraged to help make history, contact him via his web site IKG.








And today…look at the artifacts being discovered there, that are proving over and over again, how the black man had great, fine, sensitive civilizations before the white man was out of the caves.  Below the Sahara, in the places where most of American’s Negroes’ foreparents were kidnapped, there is being unearthed some of the finest craftsmanship, sculpture and other objects, that have ever been seen by modern man.  Some of these things now are on view in such places as New Your City’s Museum of Modern Art.  Gold work of such fine tolerance  and workmanship that it has no rival.  Ancient objects produced by black hands…refined by those black hands with results that no human had today can equal.  


Part 2 forthcoming.