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Black History Month:

Information For Our Historical Edification

12011 Cliff Kelly Interviews Minister Louis Farrakhan On WVON

…did you know…I didn’t…Khadafhy:

  • used oil reserves for: schools, infrastructure, increased the literacy rate to 83%, free health care…finest in the 3rd world…if type surgery is unavailable there, money provided, & life expectancy raised from 44 to 75 years old
  • electric provided thru country
  • water irrigation system for agriculture development
  • $33 billion to create man made river to bring water out desert
  • for anyone who wants to farm…free farm land, equipment, live stock, feed, etc. provided
  • promised: his own parents who lived in tent in desert wouldn’t be housed until every Libyan is housed…fulfilled his promise
  • Libya has highest standard of living in Africa
  • money fro oil revenue deposited directly into Libyan accounts
  • women have full access to education, employment and armed services

Khadafhy’s the 1st and only leader in Arab world to formally appolgize for Arabs role in trading captured Afrians and acknowledges that Black Africans as true owners of Libia and proclaimed in his ‘Green Book’ that “the Black race shall prevail through out the world.”

  • oil money started moving the Organization of African Unity towards an African Union to unite 54 nations towards a United States of Africa

  • phone calls went thru Europe…Europe paid $500 million; Khadafhy financed $400 million & rest African put up $100 million for African satellite; now calls are direct internationally

  • encouraged Africa to stop sending raw material to Europe and products returned to Africa and sold at exorbitant prices

  • encouraged Africa to make its own products and sold on world market

The minute he wanted African to unit, America, Britain, France, Germany, Europe were against it and established a rival organization, a new economic development pack

Khadafhi was against this but Sarkozy came up with another plan to unite N. African/Arab nations with S.  Europe

America wanted to set up on the continent an entity for the recolonization of Africa.


Khadafhi, Libia had the largest amount of gold in the world.

He wanted to tie all the paper money of Africa to gold…this would have destroyed the economy of the West.

African Union

  • spent billions trying to unite all of Africa via a central band, a federal government, an…one official language for all of Africa, and a plan for intra-African trade
  • this would have created a 21st century new power entity  …fulfilling the dream of Garvey, Padmore, Nukuma, etcc.

He proposed an African Bank into which he’d deposit $70 billion so Africa could cease dealing with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.