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African Cultural Values…The 1st Respect, The 2nd Be Quiet & Listen

Creed…Wouldn’t Have Made It If He Hadn’t Listened & Followed Instructions

My grandsons saw Creed.  I asked them what they learned…then I explained that…

  1.  Rocky didn’t want to train anybody anyway, if Creed had not been  respectful and done as he was told, Rocky would have not been bothered
  2.  Creed would not have ‘made’ it if he hadn’t listened…done as he was  told…without back talk
  3.  So, if they, my grandsons, expect to do well, AT ANYTHING, THEY MUST  LEARN TO LISTEN…TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS…TO THE LETTER…


Our children have been distanced from us, purposefully; it is a tactic of the system of racism/white supremacy to acculturate us.  So, the media’s replaces us as parents; it teaches our children white cultural values of disrespect & being ‘educated fools’, as my grandmother used to say…thinking they know more than elders.

So, while they’er still young, a psychiatrist friend told me, the best way to counter the affects of the media and other forms of mis-education,  is to reinterpret everything for our children.

To help us understand the media’s impact,  I suggest we familiarize ourselves with the works on Tony Browder on the topic of the media: Screenshot (21) Screenshot (22)