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Are African Americans Victims of Cultural Genocide…?  The Very 1st Victims?


From a proud people of the African continent, to white man’s chains, to US poverty & Jim Crow, to the acculturated youth of today…equals ‘cultural genocide’…some specifics…

  • taken from our continent
  • our spiritual practices replaced with European religion
  • denied our language
  • our indigenous names replaced with European names
  • denied our indigenous tradition
  • our history stolen by whites & replaced with lies
  • alienated from our elders
  • our extended family replaced with 2 parents
  • our child rearing and disciple practices criminalized

…as is true for the Native American, Austrailians, Hawaiians, the Yanomami, the Yupi’ik Eskimo, the people of South America…well, people of color the world over…  Where ever the white man has been, he’s committed culural genocide and like us, they all now suffer lost of culture, loss of history, alienation of youth from elders, alcoholism, drug abuse, poverty, high ciminality and incarceration,