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One African American Group Is Fighting To Save Their African Culture:

The Gullah Geechee’s Fight Against ‘cultural genocide’

How some descendants of slaves are fighting to maintain their African culture, asserting that Europeanizaion hasn’t destroyed it totally.


Ghulla Geechee

The cicadas’ song is rising with the midday heat, and Queen Quet Marquetta Goodwine flits from one canopy tent to the next. The fish fry is well under way. There are guests to greet, conversations to be had, and help to offer.

Tall, with a head crowned with cowry shells and robes that flow to the ground, Goodwine looks every bit like a head of state. And that is in part because she is one. The Gullah Geechee Nation in the southeast United States elected her as its head pun de bodee: its queen mother, chieftess and spokesperson.

A self-declared “nation within a nation,” the Gullah Geechee people are the descendants of African slaves, isolated on the coastal islands stretching from north Florida to North Carolina.

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