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Whites Have Almost Fully Acculturated People of Color, Especially African Americans…Removed Us From Our Land, Taken Our Language, Destroyed Our Elder System, Taught Our Kids A Different Set Of Values…Now…Homosexuality…They Sexual Practice & Life Style 

‘Sexual Racism’ Constitutes Cultural Genocide

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Zimbabwe’s president, Mugabe, at UN speech, says, ‘we are not gays’.  

What African American experts say about homosexuality…

Psychiatrist, Dr. Patricia Newton

…same sex relationships and abuse of children were not apart of the culture of antiquity prior to the 2nd intermediary period…in the mytholocial writings, which included everything, there’s nothing about the abuse of children, abuse of women.  And, the literature of Europeans who visited there and wrote about what they saw, there’s nothing about same sex relationships or abuse of children or women.

Dr. Umar Johnson,  Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Certified School Psychologist

Afrocentric History of Homosexuality

In Africa, even some places today, the word ‘homosexuality’ doesn’t exist; nor does the ‘white homosexual ‘life style…or why else would whites, America be forcing it on Africa…even threatening to deny financial aid if they don’t agree.  

So, why the coercion?  Is there another reason other than what they’er telling us?

Well, consider the European sexual life style that is all through the history they write about themselves. 

Consider their sexual life style today, 1) the true story of institutionalized sex abuse of children, primarily boys, in the movie, Spotlight, Oscar winner for 2016, 2)continuous cases of child sexual about by priest, 3) the adoption of Black boys by white gay men, and 4) the recent introduction of homosexuality into the Yanomam Indian tribe by anthropologist.  

Consider what they tell us of their past, 1) the sexual abuse of children of color, Native Americans, Aborigines, Hawaiians in white residential schools and 2) the sexual practices of Rome, Pompeii… etc. watch video below…

Ancient World Prostitution in Pompeii

Now, read the following 2 article and decide for yourself why they want us to embrace homosexuality and their sexual life style.

  1. Homosexual Manofesto   …yet in the Congressional Record?                                                                                 bit.ly/1FNvKgu 

2) The Overhauling of Straight America   http://bit.ly/1RsHuxx


Solution:  Learn African history from it’s beginning & live African culture.

I’ll share what Plato said next time.