Even though food is my substance of choice & even though I’ve learned to control what I eat, how much, & how…slow ow owly, I have other character defects that I need help with & I can always use encouragement.  And a 12 meeting, any 12 step meeting is the only place I can get help & encouragement without judgement.

This morning’s meeting reinforced the fact that I can depend on a meeting actually taking place, that I & others would be listened to, that I’d hear great redemption stories, and that there’d no discretion because everybody present agrees we’re there to get better…  No matter what point we are in our development or recovery…we’re just trying to get better.

It really felt great to be in a room full of positive thinking people. It felt so good I wanted to share it with you.


The Hill Center, 921 Penn. Ave., SE…at Eastern Market