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Do Anything, Even Kill With Impunity Is The Rule For
White Men’s Clubs, Fraternities Like The Riot Club, Elite Clubs Like Skull & Bones, or Police Clubs Like, The Blue Wall of Silence 

riot club

The Riot Club

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing would say, ‘see, this is how the [patriarchal] system of racism/white supremacy works in the ‘legal life area”.   No matter the ethnicity, if the person is a member of the club of the Blue Wall of Silence, they get member protection.  Being Asian, Liang was prosecuted and found guilty but freed.  If he had been a Black, he’d have been prosecuted, found guilty, and probably give some jail time.  But, if he’d have been white, the chances are slim he’d have even been indicted; he’d have gotten full protection of the club … on up to the judge.

Dr. Welsing recommended this book for a better understanding of how police feel about men of color, especially Black men and why.

Breaking Rank

Breaking Rank: A Top Cop’s Exposé of the Dark Side of American Policing

Building on Dr. Welsing’s work, I have only recently concluded that the tools of racism/white supremacy  are the tools of ‘patriarchy’ to destroy Black/African culture, which is ‘matriarchal’ with the goal of cultural genocide.  Why, because the violent male force of patriarchy is determined to dominate and control the peaceful female force of matriarchy.

And, the only way Black/African people can save their culture and win, ‘this chess game’ as Dr. Welsing called it and said, (1) to learn the rules…which are hidden in traditional Black/African history which the white man knows and is doing all he can to keep hidden from us; thus, its absence in textbooks.   As DuBois advised (2) live the traditional Black matriarchal culture which, by the way, white feminist are saying IS ‘the’ society of peace vs violent patriarchy (see world conferences on matriarchal studies http://bit.ly/1Qv72Du ).  And, to heal, tell our story, repeatedly.

Former New York Police Department (NYPD) Officer Peter Liang was spared jail time Tuesday for fatally shooting Akai Gurley in a Brooklyn housing project, a sentence that drew anger from Gurley’s friends and family who packed the courtroom.

Justice Danny Chun of the State Supreme Court in Brooklyn ordered Liang, 28, to serve five years probation and 800 hours of community service. Liang will also serve three years probation concurrently on misconduct charges.