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2016…Vote ‘Um Out…When They Don’t Do What We Want…

Dr. Wilmar Leon

 We have a representative democracy in that we vote for people who represent OUR BEST INTEREST, but when they don’t, we can VOTE THEM OUT of office…a vote against patriarchal racism/white supremacy.


A good example if this is the ex-prosecutor Tim McGinty in the Tamir Rice case.  He’s been voted out of office because he didn’t bring charges against the officers who murdered Tamir.


Additionally, consequently, the police union officials are saying this is going to bring about CHANGE…because prosecutors are in fear losing their job for not doing their job…a great example of the power of our vote.

Not to mention: 

APR 25 2016, 2:13 PM ET

City of Cleveland Settles Tamir Rice Lawsuit for $6 Million