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The Karen Hunter Show…SirusXM Urban View…For Serious, Analytical Discussion Of Current Events  

K hunter

 Featuring Dr. Wilmar Leon 

Dr. Wilmar Leon

and, Cornell West


Tell us the truth: http://www.siriusxm.com/siriusxmurbanview

Topics included:

  1.  Prince, a dedicated, disciplined lover of the Black music tradition…reluctant to allow hip hop artist do to his music
  2. Prince – a Jehovah Witness but religiously studied the work of the great PanAfrican activist John Henrick Clarke’s work on African origins of Christianity
  3. Prince – Fought against the recording industry’s legalized gangsterism 
  4. Sanders – truth teller…anyone will to tell the truth about the ‘taboo’ issue of Palestinian and Israel situation 
  5. Hillary – a lier…based on her record, actions, and an objective description of her actions…she’ll say anything to get elected 
  6. Lying…become a habit…(need 12 steps for lying 
  7. Age of Ferguson and Black youth
  8. Neo Liberalism – finacialize, privatize, militarize… everything, school, prisons, etc. 
  9. Black leadership class & civil rights organizations have become neo-liberal, dependent on corporate money    
  10. We need more people like Rev. William Barber