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We’re The Heroes In This Book

We Need To Know Of Our Greatness Even During Our Period Of Enslavement

Unlike White Historians, Manisha Sinha, Tells How En-Slaved Africans Were At The Forefront Of The Abolitionist Movement, And More


Listen to C-Span2:  Manisha Sinha The Slave’s Cause: A History of Abolition

Without writing a lot about her, we let some of her articles speak to the point of how involved we were in our own freedom, even while en-slaved…& how we fought patriarchy: racism/white supremacy, even then:

Black Abolitionists Developed Their Own Radical Tradition

Cast Just Obliquy’ on Oppressors: Black Radicalism in the Age of Revolution

Architects of Their Own Liberation: African Americans, Emancipation and the Civil War

“Coming of Age: The Historiography of Black Abolitionism

“Black Abolitionism: The Assault on Southern Slavery and the Struggle for Racial Equality

Slave's Cause

                         The Book: The Slave’s Cause: A History of Abolition

Note:  The number of Blacks present or not; when will we stop letting them be the experts on us?