A White Man, The Benefactor of Patriarchal Racism/White Supremacy Talking To Blacks As An Expert On Color-Consciousness?????

 How Rediculous???

Frances Welsing Would Say, ‘If You Don’t Understand The System of Racism/White Supremacy, You Will Be Confused’.

This is Confusion…




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How can a white man be an expert on patriarchal racism/white supremacy…from a black perspective?

Impossible…are white men are the experts on racism/white supremacy, too…even the black experience????

Even if Tim Wise was equally qualified, why a white man…who, can’t in any way possible not benefit from patriarchal privilege, white privilege…or not be an active participant in the system of racism/white supremacy, etc., etc., etc.

Just benefiting should disqualify whites…men, in particular.

I recommend a team: Tony Browder (traditional African history & cultural analyst), Michele Alexander (legal analyst specializing in the Black experience), and Ta-Nehisi Coates (social, political critique of the Black experience), and Lagoke Gnaka (specialist on Pan-Africanism and Ubuntu).  

I don’t even think Wise would fit on a team like this…except to periodically agree and or affirm.

Sirius, shame on you…