An Educational Expert Corrects The Myth of Special Education…An Invention Of The Patriarchal System’s Educational Racist/White Supremacy 

Dr. Welsing, would say…in the life area of ‘education’ (life areas in which racism/white supremacy functions: education, entertainment, [family, relationships, sex], [health], labor, law, political/economics, religion, and war)  


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Dr. Umar Abdllah-Johnson is a Certified School Psychologist who practices privately throughout Pennsylvania and lectures throughout the country.  Umar is a blood relative of Frederick Douglass, the great Black abolitionist and orator.  As A School psychologist Umar evaluates children ages 3021 in an effort to determine if they have educational disabilities and a need for special education services.  Umar is considered a national exert on learning disabilities and their effect on Black children, as well an expert on  helping schools and parents modify challenging behaviors that can ultimately lead to disruptive behavior disorder diagnoses in Black boys.