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A Mother’s Day Gift of Major Cultural, Historical Significance for Black/African Mothers

Was recently made aware of bell hooks’ August, 2015 artical, ‘Understanding Patriarchy’…And…


August, 2015

There was no mention of ‘matriarchy’…the Black/African family social structure…still in existence, from ancient times.

Even though the Afrocentric community introduced us to Cheikh Anta Diop’s book, The Cultural Unity of Black Africa: The Domains of Matriarchy & of Patriarchy in Classical Antiquity, in the 1980’s, his book per his 1950’s thesis told us that ‘matriarchy’ was African.  

Now, Heide Göttner-Abendroth is a German feminist, is advocating a  new (Modern) Matriarchy Studies academic field, focusing on the study of matriarchal or matrilineal (Black/African) societies.  

White feminists are saying that your/our matriarchal family/social structure is, 1) a possible solution to a society (western, US) in crisis, 2) the perfect family/social structure, 3) better than the white patriarchal family/social structure…so good that it’s their preference…the social structure that guarantees them…equality.

Ironic though…because even after 2 world conferences, there’s still no credit to Diop who discerned that ‘matriarchy’ as the and a viable…social structure is still, currently in existence…and is the Black/African family/social structure because…

Because, Diop is the 1st to disprove the white ‘scholars’ (Johan Bachofen, Lewis M. Morgan, and Friedrich Engels) who said ‘patriarchy’ was the superior culture having evolved out of ‘matriachy’, thus replacing it.  

To replace is to render non-existent…Diop disproved this in is 1950’s thesis.  And, now Göttner-Abendroth affirms his work recording in her book, Matriarchal Studies: Studies On Indigenous Cultures Across The Globe.  She Affirms it to the extent that it’s warranted 2 world conferences so far and is significant enough to warrent an academic field of study of it’s own…Modern Matriarchal Studies.

Do Black feminist know this?  

I don’t know if they know this or not.  They’er more influential than am I and it would be a more noted gift it came from them…but today, I’m giving it to Black/African, Mother’s of Color of the diaspora and African…to us all…for Mother’s Day, 2016.

I’m giving it because I think if it could become the focus of our discussion on patriarchal racism/white supremacy, it would ultimately lead us to the right answers and lead us to victory in this ‘war’ on our culture.

So, in my humbleness, Happy Mother’s Day…to all of us Black, African, Mother’s of color the world over.



The Cultural Unity of Black Africa: The Domains of Matriarchy & of Patriarchy in Classical Antiquity (Karnak History) (English and French Edition)

Civilization or Barbarism: An Authentic Anthropology

Matriarchal Societies: Studies on Indigenous Cultures Across the Globe. Revised Edition