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12 Year Old Devin’s Review…What He Learned From The Movie: He Did Drugs, Was Devorcded By His Wife, And Ran Around Trying To Get His Music Back From A Theft

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…his birth date, May 26, 1926, the same day as my grandmother’s birth day; his home in Alton, Ill.; his affulent childhood, his family even had a ranch…my grandmother’s paying for me to go to a horse riding camp this summer; his father was a dentist and mother a ‘closet’ blues pianist; age 13, a year older than me… he got his 1st trumpet; and 5 years later he was playing with Billy Eckstine, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker…man, he must have been good; and the same year, he even went to Julliard but dropped out because ‘the’ music was too white…I understand than…


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Miles Davis on piano with Howard McGhee (trumpet), Joe Albany (pianist, standing) and Brick Fleagle (guitarist, smoking), September 1947


1986                                                                                    1986


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Statue in Kielce, Poland

He died, September, 21 1991

Mr. Cheadle didn’t do a good job, at all, telling Miles Davis’ story, he was really much more than a ” dead beat drug head’.